crazyDrivers is an Arcade-Fantasy driving game for Android and iOS, where your skill will allow you to finish the game by advancing through 31 difficulty levels, pulverizing records and unlocking new achievements (101 achievements). Background: tired of seeing only "screensaver" games or with stunning graphics but lacking in content, we decided to create crazyDrivers inspired by the legendary arcade games from the 80s and 90s, where the skill of the player allows the achievement of new goals, but above all, the satisfaction of defeating "the machine"!

The purpose of the game is to reach the finish line by dodging the traffic and obstacles you may encounter on the track, but you can also collect bonuses that restore HP, armor and hit points. During the race, you will also have the opportunity to collect bronze, silver and gold coins which, once you reach the finish line, will be exchanged as "Star Coin", a coin that allows you to make purchases at the shop. If you are skilled, you will also have access to "Offensive" mode, while if you hit too many obstacles or cars, you will cause an accident.
crazyDrivers has 31 game levels, 4 bonus levels, 4 "Versus" levels, a fleet of 16 cars (upgradeable), 4 different types of road surface, day / night, clear / rain weather conditions.
It is possible to play at two difficulty levels: Racing (normal mode) and Bumper (easy mode)
Tech: We have studied a simple and practical guidance system: one-touch-control . The car is controlled simply by pressing your finger on the screen; no more automatic accelerators, virtual joysticks and buttons!

16 Cars (Player)

Time and Weather

Each game level of crazyDrivers has a departure time and an arrival time which determines the day or night. When night falls, the car's headlights come on automatically. It can also happen that during the race it starts to rain! Warning!


31 Levels - 4 different road surfaces

Offensive Mode

If you are skilled enough to overtake enough cars without hitting too many objects or cars, you will have one of the 3 "Offensive" modes for 10 seconds:
Destruction : The size of your car doubles and you can destroy everything by going on him because you will be invulnerable!
Shooter : You will be equipped with a cannon capable of shooting and destroying only cars; two bombers will also help you who will support you in the destruction of the cars.
Police Turn on the flashing lights and sirens of the police: all the cars will move to the side of the road, so you will have the free road.

121 Cars (Traffic)

Grand Tour

Grand Tour mode is a race against three opponents. The course is divided into 8 stages: each stage varies with each game. During the race it will be possible to collect Coins, Bonuses, avoid traffic and obstacles, if necessary, hinder opponents to finish first. The ranking is determined by the sum of the remaining time of the various stages. At the end of all 8 stages, you will complete the Grand Tour by winning the final reward: first place - 20 Star Coins, second place - 15 Star Coins, third place - 10 Star Coins, fourth place - 5 Star Coins. Each stage can have different weather conditions and day / night times.


In addition to dodging and overtaking the 121 traffic cars, you will also have to dodge other obstacles, such as trees, wooden crates, rocks, roadworks, houses on the side of the track, oil stains on the road and attention at the intersections, the other cars do not stop to give precedence!
In Racing mode, each collision causes a loss of "Hit" points, while in Bumper mode, if you make a front with an object, you lose a life ...
When the "Offensive" bonus mode is active you can destroy everything!

Star Coins

The virtual currency of the game is the "Star Coin". It is possible to earn them by winning the races, collecting the bronze, silver and gold "Coins", watching the advertisement using the "Free Coin" button from the main menu or buying them in the "Shop". The "Star Coins" allow you to buy new cars, upgrade them, start advanced game levels, continue the games ended with a "Game Over" or remove the Advertisement.

Coin and Bonus

During each race you will have the opportunity to collect coins along the entire level. There are 3 different coins: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Upon arrival at the finish they are added up and converted into points. For every 500 points you collect on coins, you will earn one "Star Coin". Of course the bonuses HP, Armor and Nos could not be missing !! The HP bonus reloads the life bar by 1, the Armor bonus restores the "Hit" bar or, if it is full, the "Armor" bar and finally the Nos that will double the speed of your car for 5 seconds.


crazyDrivers has an internal telemetry system that records all the main events of the game! In addition to the "Garage" area, where you can see your cars and details on use, you have an area dedicated to your racing career!
In the "Career" area you can consult 18 statistics pages !!


When you compete in a "Versus" level, you will have to compete against 3 other tough cars! The "Versus" cars do not respect the rules and often cut the road in order to get to the finish line first. If you finish first, in addition to counting the "Coins" received during the race, you will earn 3 "Star Coins".

101 Achievements

Are you ready to become a true crazyDrivers pilot ??
If you want to be the champion of crazyDrivers then complete all 101 achievements in the game! Win, destroy, earn, explode, overtake, crush ...
It will not be easy, only the most tenacious will make it!

Premium Cars

Not all cars can be purchased from the shop! You will have to earn two cars! Find out how to unlock them, within the game.

Crystal Hammer : a super rally car

Zero39 Special : an exclusive prototype