A passion born in 1985.

The first video games developed were for Commodore 16, Amiga and PC.
After a long break lasting more than 30 years (dedicated to the IT sector, automation and B2B system integrations), the Zero39 brand dedicated to video games was officially born in 2019.

Our servers are entirely managed by us: Amazon AWS, Microsoft, Google and Cluster Custom Linux (Worldwide).
Server side we develop in: C, C ++, Perl, Python and of course in PHP, JS (Ajax, JQuery), HTML5, CSS3 integrating BootStrap4.
Client side: MS Visual Studio (C ++, C #, Basic), Apple Object-C / Swift (XCode), Android Studio, C ++ (Linux).
Graphics: Autodesk 3D Studio Max & Maya, Blender, Adobe Suite.

Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4.

Our philosophy is "play for fun", so we want to create experiences of games that are not only rewarding for those who play, but a challenge continues against "the machine".

We start by developing for iOS and Android Mobile devices, to move to PC and Mac and finally create games on Nintendo, PlayStation and XBox consoles.

Play & Enjoy
Armando Olivieri